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Thai Arbitration Institute

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Thai Arbitration Institute, Office of the Judiciary gains more acceptance at international level to establish investor confidence which will benefit our nation’s economics in the long run. In addition, Thai Arbitration Institute shall improve arbitral proceedings by providing the administration with promptness, effectiveness and in accordance with international standard.



1. To promote, foster and conduct affairs in relation to dispute resolution by mean of arbitration.

2. To provide secretarial service for arbitrators.

3. To handle affairs in regards of law, regulations, rules, guidelines, and standards related to arbitration.

4. To analyze and stay up to date on developments related to treaties, conventions and international agreements, in which Thailand is a member, and arbitrations laws of other countries.

5. To hold events, conferences, seminars, promotion promulgations or other forms of public relation of similar nature, both on domestic ground and abroad.

6. To maintain an updated roster of qualified experts to act as arbitrators and conduct arbitral affairs.

7. To coordinate with or provide assistance to other governmental bodies related to or appointed with arbitral affairs.